We are not a perfect couple. We fight over bouts of jealousy, selfishness, and misunderstandings. It would be easy for you to get a girl who’s prettier, more into comics, and enjoys eating sashimi. Likewise, I may get attracted to a boy who has washboard abs, likes going to the beach, and serves at a Christian ministry.

It’s not a perfect relationship and we’re far from being perfect partners to each other, but I am content with the ‘team’ that we are blessed to have - you and me. We fight, but we make sure that we patch things up before the day ends. You assure me of how you’ll always choose me over other girls, no matter how attractive they may be…

And inspite of my fears, I allow your assurance to fight my doubts and embrace me wholly, because I trust you and our love. We appreciate uncomfortable silences and smother each other with weirdness, and that’s what makes us awesomely different, don’t you think?

I’m sticking with you, hey. Always, always, always you.